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Worldwide Business Conduct

The ITCRANES is a brand created by the company IRMÃOS TAVARES 2 - Fabrico de Gruas, Lda (IT2) in 2010.

Since 1979, IT2 aims to meet the needs of the construction market in the context of heavy machinery. This market has grown globally so quickly at IT2 has been creating and implementing technological, competitive and robust solutions while always respecting the quality parameters.

The IT2 works on the basis of sustainable performance in which the main concern is to satisfy customers, employees and society in general. The IT2 has exceeded market expectations with quality products and services. At the moment, has many types of self-erecting cranes, hydraulics and tower "Flat-Top" type and "Luffing". In the manufacture of the equipment FEM1.001 and EN14439 standards are observed and all models are CE-marked.

The IT2 contains its quality management system certified by TÜV according to standard ISO 9001, since 2009, and has the support of a team of dynamic and innovative employees who actively participate in decision making and problem solving and with continuous training to ensure product quality and technical assistance practiced.

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The IT2 vision is to increase international market share, supplying global and innovative solutions respecting the principle of total quality, maintaining leadership in the sector and ensuring the permanent evolution of the team that performs an effective role in the company’s activity.


With the collaboration of the entire team, the IT2 mission is to answer, and to exceed customer satisfaction, with reliable products and services, and high quality standards; is to keep a company that creates value for customers, collaborators, society and environment, through products, technique solutions, professional support and services.

Quality Policy

The high quality standards of the IT2 products and services, and its continuous improvement, continue to contribute to the development of the construction industries, through innovation and creativity of the entire team, protecting the health and the welfare of workers and others, contributing to increase the wellbeing of society and sustaining the development.

The IT2 quality policy is based in the following principles:

  • Continuous training to all collaborators in order to encourage them to keep an innovative and creative behaviour, improving performance levels and products development;
  • All the collaborators undertake the responsibility for the continuous improvement of the company’s procedures, products and services, so that the company faces total quality as a priority in all manufacturing process;
  • Be up to the customers’ needs and expectations, providing the best solutions in order to ensure the best value and total satisfaction, supplying quality products and after sale services, beyond the needs of customers;
  • To work together with suppliers, that ensures the best components and materials to the products manufacture.